Have you ever turned the ignition key on, but your car battery fails to roar? Degradation of quality batteries mostly happens during the winter, which reduces chemical reactions inside the batteries. In most cases, breakdown is caused by battery faults and you should deal with the toxic chemicals in your car battery, especially when it fails to work as expected. In this article, we are going to discuss more about the car battery care in winters.

car battery care in winter

#1 – Check electrical connections

When electrical cables are not perfect, tight or clean, your battery may fail to function well. And your car may not start when there is corrosion at the terminals of your batteries. So clean the terminals regularly with water and a brush. And wear gloves to protect your skin from contacting the toxic white powder and also wear eye protection.

#2 – Maintain your battery clean 

When your battery surface is dirty, corroded, discharge may result. So always clean oil or grease spilled on the surface of your battery.

#3 – Keep your battery fully charged

Your battery will go flat when it is under charged and its life will be reduced when it is under used. This problem is very common during winter, so it is vital to keep your battery fully charged.

#4 – Handle your battery with a lot of care by use of the tips listed below:

#Avoid putting metallic objects on the surface of your battery

#Keep flames far from your battery to prevent it from exploding due to hydrogen gas in the flames

#Prevent your body from contacting your battery because it contains sulphuric acid which is toxic

#Follow the right lifting procedures to lift your battery, because it is heavy

#Keep your children away from your battery

#5 – Pack your car in the garage

This will keep your battery dry by protecting cold, and it will make your battery to start roaring easily with less strain.

#6 – Top up your battery water level always

If your battery is standard, remove filter caps to check water levels regularly, and top it up with distilled water if the water level is low. Then mop any spillage.

#7 – Pay attention to warning sounds

Warning signs are the most signs you will experience if your battery is weak. So pay attention to these signs. And when your battery is slowly cranking, contact a battery technician to resolve this problem.

#8 – Check your battery’s age

When your battery is more than 3 years, then you need to replace it, because it will not function well during winter periods.

#9 – Install a battery blanket around your battery

The blanket will produce enough heat to prevent battery fluid from freezing, and you can mount a trickle charger on your battery to prevent your battery from freezing by delivering enough power to it.

#10 – Disconnect your battery when your car is off

Disconnecting your battery will prevent devices like alarm systems and clocks from draining your battery power. If your car will not have the ability to recharge your battery, then disconnect it as you store the automobile.


Causes of battery breakdowns

  • Leaving electrical devices on
  • Not using your car for a long time
  • Extreme cold or hot weather conditions
  • Using a wrong battery in your car
  • An old battery that has lasted more than 3 years
  • A lot of short distance trips, which do not give your car enough time to recharge your battery
  • Corrosion at the terminals of your battery
  • Poor maintenance tips
  • Loose battery cables that can interfere with the electric current of your battery


When to purchase a new battery

If your car is producing a clicking sound and the engine does not crank over, then your battery is not charged fully. You should replace your battery if test done by a technician indicates that it is very weak to hold a charge.


Winter facts

Winter is the season when the battery of your car is likely to die, and it is the time when the Cold Cranking Amps of your battery will drop. During winter, a car battery which is older will have a difficulty in holding current. For you to prevent having problems with your battery during the winter, maintain your car battery well.



From the discussion above, it is clear that battery break downs, mostly happen during winter periods. So it is important to prevent battery breakdowns by applying the above discussed tips about car battery care in winters. And when you are hiring a technician to test your battery, ensure that he/she is experienced and certified for the services.