loading truckLong distance moving is a major source of stress. You have to take care of so many details, which is almost impossible to have a smooth move, without incidents or unhappy events. Nonetheless, some people can organize their move better, so they don’t have to go through such stressful moments.

Packing the truck is one of the most important activities of a long distance move. It can break it or make it for you, so you need to know how to do it properly. As you have to make sure all your belongings are going to fit inside the truck, you need to calculate the required volume very carefully. This will enable you to hire the right sized truck to suit your needs, thus avoiding to overpay for your transportation.

This also means you need to organize your stuff pretty well, to fit everything inside. Ideally, you should start by loading big furniture items or large, heavy boxes. You can always fit smaller boxes around these bulky items. However, if you start by filling up the truck with small things, you risk running out of space before you finish loading everything as planned.

Fragile items have to be carefully packed. They have to be assigned a special place in the truck, a place where you can anchor them properly. Moreover, you should be careful what you surround these fragile items with, as you can’t risk having them damaged by the accidental falling of sharp and heavy objects.

Top long distance moving companies use standard cardboard boxes for a reason. They know how difficult it is to pile up and secure boxes of various sizes or plastic bags. When all your boxes have the same size, it’s much easier to store them inside a truck and secure them with ropes. Besides, by using an efficient labeling system, you can decide upon the storage order. It’s always a good idea to have the heaviest boxes placed on the floor, as they can cause a lot of damage if they fall during transportation.

The packing of a truck for long distance moving has to be planned in detail. Moreover, you have to make sure the movers have access to unload the truck once you get to your destination. Pre-planning how you’re going to load your truck can significantly reduce your loading time. Besides, the workers are going to be less stressed, as they won’t have to think about anything. All they are going to have to do is stick to your previously created plan. If you make sure to use only moving grade boxes, movers are going to find very easy to stack them inside the truck.

Last but not least, if you have unboxed items, you should make sure they are wrapped in plastic. Big furniture items should be protected with furniture pads. By protecting all your belongings, you’re going to eliminate the risk of accidental damage during the transportation by the moving company.